About Us

Barbara and Tasha met in 2014 when a mutual friend asked if she could be added to the guest list for one of Barbara’s magnificent dinner parties at her beautiful home in Eguilles, Aix-en-Provence. Tasha, who had just arrived in France 24 hours earlier, was so impressed with Barbara’s effortless cooking style of French rustic meets urban sophisticate that they hit it off immediately, and the beginning of a new partnership was born!

About Tasha


Tasha, who lives in Los Angeles, works as a food stylist with celebrity chefs, cooking and styling for cookbook authors and providing publicity for these professionals through Satellite Media Tours and other broadcast channels.

She consults with a wide range of clients who need recipe development and photography for print and online projects.  Food styling for TV segments and feature films is a major part of her work.

Tasha relishes the variety that food styling requires: the artistic nature of food presentation, the fast-paced work on sets and the magic of using secret ingredients, techniques and tools.  In addition, prop styling helps make the clients’ products look amazing on camera.

As a culinarian, there are unique opportunities to learn new techniques, recipes, ingredients, plating ideas, food customs and camera angles. She is especially inspired by international cuisines and travel to foreign countries.

Tasha completed her Cordon Bleu program at a Michelin starred restaurant in the Luberon region of France.

About Barbara


Barbara Pitcher is a well-recognized Canadian-Italian artist presently living in Provence, France, where her husband’s work drew her family eight years ago.

Earlier, after spending several years in the fashion business, she launched a twenty-five year career in event planning worldwide, where her formidable language skills (English, French, Italian, and some Spanish and German) and her passion for travel served her well.

Barbara’s most enduring passion is food. She put on the apron to cook for her family when she was twelve years old, and has never taken it off. Her mother and father – equally passionate about food – passed on to her the basics of Italian cuisine, and she has poured her heart and soul into developing her skills and repertoire ever since.

In the late 70’s and 80’s Barbara and her mom were cooking home made Italian favorites such as gnocchi, pasta, pizza, lasagna, the all-time favorite eggplant parmesan and much more, on a daily basis for her dad’s food truck, The Rolling Gourmet. The flavors and smells of Italy are part and parcel of Barbara’s mother tongue.

Since settling in Provence, Barbara has successfully reached out to like-minded women who share her enthusiasm for travel, food and culture.